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10 May 2017




08:15 AM Opening & registration
08:45 AM Welcome and introduction
Tânia Rodrigues [PT] | Pedro Pinto Marques [PT] | Rui Maio [PT] 
09:00  AM Round Table 1 I Understanding pancreatic cancer
Chairmen: António Alberto Santos [PT] | Daniela Dias Santos [PT] | Luís Gargaté [PT]

Factors that control progression from normal pancreatic epithelia to cancer 
Howard Crawford [US]

Molecular medicine in pancreatic cancer decision-making 
Laura Wood [US]

Role of the stromal cells in pancreatic cancer: promoter or protector
Andrew Rhim [US]

Clinical management of pancreatic cystic neoplasms: treatment or watchful waiting? 
Pedro Pinto Marques [PT]

10:30 AM Personalized treatment in pancreatic cancer  
Chairmen: Marília Cravo [PT] | Tânia Rodrigues [PT]
Manuel Hidalgo [US]
11:15 AM Coffee Break
11:45 AM Round Table 2 I Resectable pancreatic cancer: improving outcome
Chairmen: José Alberto Teixeira [PT] | Catarina Fidalgo [PT] | Gil Gonçalves [PT]

Enlarging the scope of Neoadjuvant Treatment:

     Pro: Beyond borderline resectable? Thomas Seufferlein [DE]

     Con: Selecting chemoresistant clonesDaniela Dias Santos [US]

When to perform a pancreaticoduodenectomy in the absence of a positive histology

Jacob Izbicki [DE]

Pancreatic carcinoma: implications of lymph nodes invasion 
Nappo Gennaro [IT]

The future of adjuvant therapy 
John Neoptolemos [UK]

01:30 PM Lunch
02:30 PM Round Table 3 I  Challenges in locally advanced pancreatic cancer 
Chairmen: João Rebelo Andrade [PT] | Fábio Lopes [PT] | Francisco Mascarenhas [PT]

Surgery for advanced pancreatic cancer 
Markus W. Büchler [DE]

When, why and how is radiotherapy useful in pancreatic cancer ?
Florence Huguet [FR]

How to improve survival with current treatments?
Margaret Tempero [US]

04:30 PM Coffee Break
05:00 PM State of the art in pancreatic surgery
Chairmen: Rui Sousa [PT] | Rui Maio [PT] | Carlos Ferreira [PT]
Jean Robert Delpero [FR]
06:00  PM Closing remarks
Tânia Rodrigues [PT]

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