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9 May 2017




08:00 AM Opening & registration
08:45 AM Welcome and introduction
Fernando Martelo [PT]

09:00 AM Molecular targets of lung cancer in the near future
Chairman: Venceslau Hespanhol [PT]
Rafael Rosell [SP]
09:45 AM Round Table 1 | Future of staging of lung-cancer patients
Chairmen: Rosário Vieira [PT] | Fernando Barata [PT] | Hugo Marques [PT]

MRI in lung cancer staging
Bruno Hochhegger [BR]

Gustav von Schulthess [SW]

Video-assisted mediastinal lymphadenectomy
Martin Hürtgen [DE]

11:15 AM Coffee Break
11:45 AM Image-guided localization platform for EBUS and ultra-minimally invasive lung cancer surgery
Chairman: Duro da Costa 
Kazuhiro Yasufuku [CA]
12:30 PM Opening Ceremony (Auditorium 1)
01:30 PM Lunch
02:30 PM Round Table 2 | Locoregional treatment of lung cancer – future directions
& controversies
Chairmen: Paulo Costa [PT] | Fernando Martelo [PT] | Belarmino Gonçalves 

Minimally invasive surgery – a place for robotic surgery?
Bernard Park [US]

SBRT in cT1 and cT2: current consensus and controversies
Puneeth Iyengar [US]

RFA and MWA in early-stage-lung and metastatic disease – from promises
to answers
Hans Henrik Madsen [DK]

03:45 PM Coffee Break
04:15 PM Round Table 3 | Metastatic non-small cell lung cancer
Chairmen: Marta Soares [PT] | Encarnação Teixeira [PT] | Telma Antunes [PT]

Target-directed treatment – our direction now
Rosario Garcia Campelo [SP]

Radical treatment of the oligometastatic disease at diagnosis
Puneeth Iyengar [US]
05:10 PM Current & future challenges in lung cancer trials
Chairman: Júlio Oliveira [PT]
Christian Rolfo [BE]
06:00 PM Closing remarks
Margarida Felizardo [PT] | Marcos Pantarotto [PT]
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