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9 May 2017




08:00 AM Opening & registration
08:15 AM Welcome and introduction
Tânia Rodrigues [PT] | Pedro Amado [PT] | José António Pereira [PT] 

08:30 AM Round Table 1 I New problems in management of liver synchronous metastasis in metastatic rectal cancer
Chairmen: Francisco Castro e Sousa [PT] | Helder Mansinho [PT] | Paulo Mira [PT]

Neoadjuvant therapy: how are preoperative radio and chemotherapy applied in a simultaneous approach?
Teresa Macarulla [SP]

Surgical options: is surgical timing important?
Joan Figueras [SP]

Complete response in rectal cancer with synchronous liver metastasis
Guilherme São Julião [BR]

Managing the "vanishing" synchronous liver lesions
René Adam [FR]


11:00 AM Coffee Break
12:30 PM Opening Ceremony
Chairman: Isabel Vaz [PT]

Diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients: hail to a combination of precision and narrative medicine
Manuel Sobrinho Simões [PT]
01:30 PM Lunch
02:30 PM Round Table 2 | Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma
Chairmen: João Rebelo de Andrade [PT] | Ana Cristina Raimundo [PT] | Luís Graça [PT]

Diagnostic imaging
Richard C. Semelka [US]

Neoadjuvant treatment
Ana Ferreira Castro [PT]

Surgical management and role of lymphadenectomy
Safi Dokmak [FR]

New procedures for the Treatment of Liver Mestastasis of GI Tumors - Chemosaturation
Frank K. Wacker [DE]


04:00 PM Coffee Break

04:30 PM Round Table 3 | Safe liver surgery
Chairmen: José Costa Maia [PT] | Guilherme Tralhão [PT] | Carlos Ferreira [PT]

PVE/ALLPS: Volume = Function? Functional liver remnant assessment
Thomas Aloia [US]

Parenchymal sparing surgery
Guido Torzilli [IT]

Management of post-operative liver failure
Safi Dokmark [FR]


06:00 PM Closing remarks
Catarina Fidalgo [PT]


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