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11 May 2017




08:00 AM Opening & registration
08:15 AM Welcome and introduction
Susana Ourô [PT] | Paulo Roquete [PT] | Catarina Fidalgo [PT]
08:30 AM Round Table 1 | General
Chairmen: Marília Cravo [PT] | Susana Ourô [PT] | Karyn A. Goodman [US]

Molecular markers in colorectal cancer: miRNAs and its clinical implications
Cecília Rodrigues [PT]

Cancer family syndromes: polyposis registry
Sue Clark [UK]

New prognostic factors in colorectal oncological surgery
Philip Quirke [UK]


10:00 AM Round Table 2 | Colon cancer
Chairmen: César Resende [PT] | João Sousa Ramos [PT] | Joep Knol [BE]

The importance of the complete mesocolic excision (CME)
Werner Hohenberger [DE]

Predicting middle colic vasculature and CME technique
Robin Kennedy [UK]

Function after intersphincteric resection: how far can we go? 
Quentin Denost [FR]


11:30 AM Coffee Break
12:00 PM Round Table 3 | Rectal cancer I: staging, neoadjuvant therapy and decision making
Chairmen: Francisco Mascarenhas [PT] | Luís Gargaté [PT] | Philip Quirke [UK]

MRI guided decisions and MRI/pathology quality control in rectal cancer
Svetlana Balyasnikova [UK]

Update on RAPIDO trial - preoperative induction therapy
Cornelis van de Velde [NL]

Predicting complete response: is there a role for non-operative management of rectal cancer?
Karyn A. Goodman [US]

Local excision after chemo radiotherapy: danger or caution?
Susana Ourô [PT]


01:30 PM Lunch
02:30 PM Round Table 4 | Rectal cancer II: minimally invasive surgery
Chairmen: Paulo Roquete [PT] | Mário Nora [PT] | Robin Kennedy [UK]

Transanal endoscopic surgery: indications for TEM, TAMIS, TEO
Sam Atallah [US]

TaTME: indications, surgical technique and pitfalls
Joep Knol [BE]

TaTME: current evidence and functional results
Roel Hompes [UK]

Robotic TME versus laparoscopic TME
Seon Kim [KR]


04:00 PM Coffee Break
04:30 PM Round Table 5 | Colorectal cancer: how far can we go?
Chairmen: César Resende [PT] | José Damião Ferreira [PT] | Nuno Abecasis [PT]

Indications for ELAPE? 
Philips Quirke [UK]

Surgical strategies in local recurrency
Ian Jenkins [UK]

Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC in colorectal cancer 
Haney Youssef [UK]


 06:00 PM Closing remarks
Susana Ourô [PT]
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