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10 May 2017




08:15 AM Opening & registration
08:45 AM Welcome and introduction
José Luis Passos Coelho [PT]

09:00 AM Update in imaging breast cancer: MRI and PET / MRI
Chairman: Lurdes Orvalho [PT]
Johannes Grueneisen [DE]
09:30 AM Round Table 1 I Hereditary breast cancer
Chairmen: Manuel Teixeira [PT] | Ana Berta Sousa [PT] | Ana Luís [PT]

BRCA1/2 testing or gene-panel sequencing? 
Gareth Evans [UK]

How to deal with variants of uncertain significance and non-BRCA mutations 
Diana Eccles [UK]

Management of healthy BRCA mutation carriers
Rita Schmutzler [DE]

Implications for treatment of BRCA-mut breast cancer 
Judith Balmaña [SP]

11:15 AM Coffee Break
11:45 AM Round Table 2 I Issues in the locoregional treatment of early breast cancer
Chairmen: João Leal Faria [PT] | Fernando Castro [PT] | Gerardo Millan [PT]

Towards minimal surgery in the treatment of early breast cancer 
Monica Morrow [US]

Tailoring RT: integrating with breast reconstruction and axillary treatment 
Beryl McCormick [US]

Breast reconstruction – when and for whom 
Jaume Masia [SP] 

01:00 PM Lunch 
02:00 PM Biology of breast cancer 2017
Chairman: José Luís Passos Coelho [PT]
Carlos Caldas [UK]
02:45 PM Round Table 3 | Issues in the systemic treatment of breast cancer
Chairmen: Noémia Afonso [PT] | António Moreira [PT] | Luís Costa [PT]

ER and GFR signalling 
Kent Osborne [US]

Residual disease after preop chemotherapy – what should we do?
Nadia Harbeck [DE]

Targetting intracellular pathways
Mafalda Oliveira [SP]]

04:15 PM Coffee Break 
04:45 PM Round Table 4 I Beyond the cancer cell
Chairmen: Margarida Damasceno [PT] | Sofia Braga [PT] | Ana Martins [PT]

Bone Health in curable breast cancer
Luís Costa [PT]

Bone targeting agents as adjuvant treatment of breast cancer
Robert E. Coleman [UK]

05:45 PM Closing remarks
Paulina Lopes [PT] | José Luís Passos Coelho [PT]
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